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10 Simple Ideas How to Promote Your Meditation Course

You spend hours coming up with the idea of your course, writing it down, recording meditations, finding a perfect cover image, but it all will be nothing if no one knows about it.

Making sure that people who will benefit from your content know about its value and existence is one of the most important things in the whole process. We’ve collected some simple ready-to-use content ideas and formats for your courses promotions.

1. Make a series of stories about the course launch

I bet you are excited to share your course with the listeners, and it’s the most basic thing to do. Use your social networks to share some basic information about your course and tell where you can find it during the launch day.

Example of how Deanna Wheeler announced her course

2. Write about things people will learn during the course

Another content idea, create a separate more detailed post or series of stories dedicated to what meditations will learn or experience during the course. As an alternative, you can pick 1 meditation and as an example overview what will happen inside it.

Clear & cool value communication from Monty about his course

3. Tell a story about how you came up with the idea

People love listening to stories, especially stories that resonate with them. Record a short video for your social networks describing what motivated you to create the course. It can be a good addition to your initial posts about the course launch.

4. Post your work in progress

Behind the scenes is a good way to get attention even before the course is launched or some meditations are recorded. Moreover, you can shape what you create by asking for feedback and the opinions of your community.

5. Post a video testimonial from students

Social proof and real reviews are very powerful things. Ask someone who completed the course or practiced with you before to record a quick video testimonial that you can post to your social media.

6. Record and share a free meditation

It’s much easier to get attention if you give something for free. You can create a short standalone practice and share it for free, and invite people who complete it to check your course in the end. You can also post your free intro meditation.

Free meditation recorded by Jazz in addition to his MBSR course

7. Do a free live stream

Same idea as with free meditation. Let as many people as possible explore some value before committing to completing a full course. You can do it on your Instagram or Facebook, or run an audio live meditation in Clubhouse.

8. Add links to your course everywhere

Social network bios, link-tree page, or personal site. It can be your personal page or page of the studio that you own. The easier it is for your audience to get to your course or any content, the higher chances that they’ll do this.

9. Send it to your clients

Invite your ongoing clients to complete your course in addition to 1–1 sessions. Start by putting a list of 20 people who you know will benefit and send them a message or email telling them about your course and its values.

It’s also a good way to handle new customers who you can’t fit into your schedule.

10. Share your post in communities

Are you part of a community with meditators or teachers? Don’t hesitate to post a message about your new course there. It can be a good source of feedback and some new meditators who are not familiar with you directly.

We hope you’ll use some of the ideas that we put up in this article or find some unique way to promote your meditation course in your way.

We found those formats by talking with meditation teachers just like you. If you have suggestions or want to share what worked for your course, don’t hesitate to reach us at and tell us about it.

If you haven’t created your meditation course or recorded a meditation yet, we suggest you try Mindist. It’s a free app designed specifically for meditation teachers where you can do that in minutes, without any technical background.