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How to Record Your Meditation Course in a Couple Hours

Always postponed the creation of your meditation course? Have a perception that it will take a massive amount of time? The good news is that it’s not the case anymore.

You can do it over the weekend at home, with your phone and just a couple of hours of your free time. Focus on what’s important and utilize the best tools. We will use Mindist — a mobile app designed specifically for meditation teachers. So let’s get started!

1. Prepare Theme and Program ~30 min

Write down 1–3 possible topics. Think about themes in your latest group or 1–1 practices. Select one that sounds most inspiring to you.

Come up with a name and a basic 3–4 sentence description. It doesn’t need to be perfect right from the start, now it’s mainly for yourself. Here’s a template:

  1. What are things that meditators will learn by the end
  2. What are technics and approaches
  3. What’s your background

List the meditations. Start from something simple, ideally 4–5 meditations covering the selected topic.

Create a course draft in Mindist. Move your course name and description there. Skip adding a cover image and setting a price. We’ll edit this later.

2. Record Meditations ~1 hour

Write outlines/scripts for meditations. It can be a few main points that you’d like to cover in each one. Add them as meditation drafts in Mindist.

Each meditation recording in Mindist doesn’t take you longer than its intended duration. You can do it based on script/outline or freestyle. It has built-in royalty-free background music, noise reduction, and publishing. Watch this short video to learn more.

Record the Intro to the course. You can reuse course descriptions you created before as an outline.

Record all meditations. Add them to your course draft inside the app. It will give you a sense of progress, and you’ll be able to preview your course along with its creation.

3. Finalize And Publish ~10 min

Review or set the price. You may want to select any price, but as with a number of meditations we suggest you start from something simple. Like $10–20 for the course with 5 meditations. Edit price in the course settings of your course draft in Mindist.

Add a cover image. You can find a lot of quality free images on Unsplash. Go straight to the search bar and look for the words you used in the title. Come back to the course draft in Mindist and add it.

Publish your course. Boom, everything is finished, you’re breathtaking. From now on you can share the link with which your clients will be able to preview what’s inside, listen to the intro and purchase it.

Next Steps: Promote Your Course

We have collected 10 simple tips on how to promote your course, but essential things would be:

  1. Post story to your social media with course screenshot and link
  2. Record a few simple videos explaining what value meditators will get
  3. Add the link to the course to your social bios / linktree / site

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We’ll hope you find this useful and will create your first meditation course soon. Follow our step-by-step guide next time, and let us know if you have any suggestions or questions. Reach us at

If you haven’t recorded a meditation yet, we suggest you try Mindist. It’s a free app designed specifically for meditation teachers where you can do that in minutes, without any technical background.