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Treat burnout with group support

A new way to deal with tech work stress, anxiety and burnout
7 people, hand-picked for you
Led by a world-class facilitator
90-minute online video sessions
$22/week – cheaper than therapy
Proven to help
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Used by people who work at tech

"Unlike hollow kitchen talks with my colleagues, I received some tools to deal with my stress. I feel that I'm not left alone and understood.”
Julia Ovcharenko, PM
"After completing the first month, I see significant improvement in my mood and self-image."
"It was very easy to connect with my peers. I feel that I always heard and empowered."
Elvis Obanya, Designer
"So cool to have support even outside calls with with breathing techniques that our facilitator Rob gave us. Funny and insightful."
"Shout out to Kate for the awesome facilitation on sessions and my peers. I've realized that I'm not alone."
Andrew Karaulov, PMM
"Didn't realise how much I need this"
“Each session I get something out of, and finishing them feeling better than before.”
"Unique combo. Uncovering new things each session with my peers, practice them myself with techniques that I get."
"It didn't take a lot of time to get used to peers and what's going on. After few sessions, I already feel less burned-out, comparing to what I felt before"

Run by world-class burnout preventers

Licensed therapists, coaches and mindfulness experts with group emotional health experience.
Amanda Luna, ICF
Dr. Robert Muller
Henry Pyle, EIA
Dr. Brenda Bellinger

Your Roadmap

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Quick questionnaire to understand your stress and burnout level. We'll use it to hand-pick people for your group.
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Share your emotions, practice being vulnerable, and get tools to deal with stress and burnout.
Prevent stress and burnout
Meet on a weekly basis, develop new skills and start feeling happier.


$22/week or $88/ month

10x cheaper then therapy or coaching which usually starts from $200/session
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