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I'm Cam Cooney, a Vedic Meditation teacher and studio owner in Glasgow + Online.

I teach courses, classes, and retreats all around the world!
Since my first class in 2014, it ignited a passion within me for meditation, so I set off on exploring countless courses and retreats on my travels around the world.
My journey as a teacher, is now about helping others realise that meditation isn’t just bald heads and orange robes, but an effortless life tool that anyone can benefit from.

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Daily audio practices

Meditations and manifestations that will help you build a healthy long lasting habit.

On-demand library

Can’t join the live classes? That’s okay - I’ve got a whole library for you to access!

Weekly Live Classes

Keep yourself connected to a community of like-minded meditators around the world.

1-1 Accountability Programs

Take full advantage of having a meditation teacher, get weekly 1-1 session tailored to you!
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I cannot thank Cam enough for being the breathe of fresh air that my Meditation practice needed! An amazing teacher, very cool and relatable style
Victoria, Dundee
The best thing about Cam is he really takes the time to help you figure out how to integrate meditation into your day, which is the hardest part about meditation in my opinion. His teaching is upbeat and lighthearted, which makes it so much easier to learn
Katie, Edinburgh
Cams knowledge is impressive and on top of all this he is just a really cool person!
Mirco, Munich
Cam is an excellent meditation teacher, his knowledge and ability to teach this great tool makes the experiences of learning, simplistic and effortless. A great guy and very approachable, the aftercare he provides is invaluable. Cheers dude
Sam, Lisbon

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