Being a developer shouldn’t be stressful

Debug your anxiety and stress with a science-backed 12 week program build around 1-to-1 therapy for tech workers and their challenges
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Using methods recommended by

Developers are stressed, it’s a fact

22.1% of respondents in 2021 Stackoverflow report said they have anxiety or depression.

It’s time to fix this problem permanently

Time-offs and job switching only partially solve work-related anxiety and lack of motivation.

Regular therapy and wellness apps aren’t well suited for dealing with pointless meetings, never-ending bugs, and purposeless OKRs.

We fully understand you and have an evidence-based program that counts those aspects of your life routine.

Structured 12 week program

Weekly therapy and coaching

Progress tracking and check-ins

Science behind

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We use Cognitive Based Therapy. It aims to stop negative cycles by breaking down things that make you feel bad, anxious or scared. By making your problems more manageable, CBT can help you change your negative thought patterns and improve the way you feel.
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Your roadmap


Tell us about your stress and schedule


We match you with a therapist who understands you


Together you go through an adaptive 12 week program

Your stress and anxiety starts improving

86% of members say their stress & anxiety improved since joining

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I used to stress a lot about many aspects of my life - managing my finances, creating the life I want, and doing right by the people around me. Since i’ve joined, I’ve reflected on what’s important to me and learned critical skills to manage my stress. Each session I get something out of, and walk away feeling better than before.


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Your first week contains everything from the regular week, plus initial call with your therapist advisor where you align on your 12 week program.
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New applicable exercises you can use outside of the sessions