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Evidence-based mental trainings for tech people

Break free from your deadlines anxiety, remote isolation, and burnout
On-demand therapy pathways designed for tech folks
Bi-weekly 30 min calls with CBT professionals
Messaging any time to support in daily situations
$42 per week, 4x cheaper than therapy or coaching
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Made by tech people and mental health pros

We felt burnt-out and stressed, even inside great teams and environment. 2 out of 5 people in tech feel the same.
This product was created specifically for us, busy people working in tech. Backed by science. With your challenges and routines in mind.

Your personal mental trainer

Licensed Cognitive Behavioural therapist
Tech savvy and hand-picked for you
30 minute bi-weekly sessions for major mental updates
Daily messaging for minor things bothering you

Bite-size mental training

Adapted for your use-cases
Fix what worries you at specific moments, no waiting
Evidence-based approaches from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Led by professionals

Amanda Luna, ICF
Dr. Robert Muller
Henry Pyle, EIA
Dr. Brenda Bellinger

What members are saying

"It was very easy to connect with my therapist. I feel that I always heard and empowered."
Elvis Obanya, Designer
"After completing the first month, I see significant improvement in my mood and self-image."
"So cool to have support even outside calls with pre-recorded practices in the app. Funny and insightful."
Julia, Female co-founder
"Unlike hollow kitchen talks with my colleagues, I received some tools to deal with stress. I feel like number of times I can get into the flow on work increased."
"Unique combo. Uncovering new things each session with my therapist, practice them myself with the app."
Vlad Solomakha, PM
“Each session I get something out of, and finishing them feeling better than before.”

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Build a healthy long-lasting habits and become happier



It's at least 4x cheaper than therapy or coaching, which usually starts from $160-200/hour
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